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Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
) "i think the obama administration wanted a narrative hht things are calm, cool and collected in libya". (abell stand-up) in fact, when the violence broke out, there was little menniin of a rising tide of violence in libya...instead federal o0fficials pointed to a recently-releaseddanti-islam video for inciting all that anger..." (clinton youtube video) (1:25) "there is no ustification for responding to this video ith violence." (10:00) (chavvetz) ""o suggest that misleading and pattenly false." p deeocrats saa thee republican congressman who's condemning the governments actions....haa aamotive of his a reason for this rush nd it has to ooa lot more with jason chhffetz political objectives than a serious look the white house playing it's - political games... and putting people's lives at risk. (6:188 (raw interview) "the obama administration wanted the appearance f normallzation as ssiftly as possible rather than security dictating security. i'm political decisions...." one month after the attack in libya.....there''sa political war being wa
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
awmakers are tryiig oofigure out whyythe obama administration refused to say ddys the truth. a foomer seal sayy this was clearly aa pllnned strike on america phich was designed to kill, even though the security staff did eveeything right. 44 they did everything pight... oc: the outcome theesame, bbt the pbdycounty higher. 111 111 the presidentt still refuues tooanswer questionssabout what he was told about the attack anddwwenn us to oor question of the day. do you think the obama pdmmnistration lied abbut the attack in libya? it's already started quite a debate on our faceeook ppge. page. wessey writes "were they moving heir lips? if so, thhy were probably lying."&lyin don't think they haddall the minute. stop trying to fiid conspiracy where there is none!" tell us... what ou think.../. sound... off... thhu... facebook...// send... uu... aatweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ nterr.. fox45aafor yes.. / fox45b for no. aa.. warning ... if... you... have... new airbaas... in pithin... the last... three - years..../the... major problem...
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2